24 November 2015



As I've said on Instagram, I couldn't be more proud of my husband for his amazing work in a new interior book just published. Also I'm very proud of our dear friend, Rut Káradóttir, who is one of the best known interior architect and designer in Iceland, but the book INNI is about Rut and her work. Rut asked Gunnar many years ago to start working for her and shooting her projects, for her to own as a memorabilia for herself. When they realised the amount of projects and great photos they had, Rut and her husband, started thinking about it as material in a book. Many years of work has now been put into an amazing interior book that has just been published. Following are some photos from the book.

20 November 2015



Like we've talked about several times on Home and Delicious, our family seems to be interested in Nutella! That's related to our interest in all things Italian and having lived in Milan for a while. Last sunday happened to be a kind of Nutella-sunday in our cottage as I made some recipes I wanted to try for a while; Nutella latte, hot chocolate and peanut butter cookies with Nutella filling. We all happened to like the result a lot and therefor I post the recipes for you to try this weekend. Super easy but also cozy and true to this time of the year. Read more for the recipes. 

19 November 2015



Yes, I think it is finally time for the fairy lights. It's getting darker and darker, sooner and sooner. We need more light at home in the form of soft and warm lighting that creates nice vibes, mood and coziness. Yesterday me and Gunnar were talking to a journalist friend of ours that were interviewing us about Christmas and the time ahead. We tried to say it as clear as possible to him that the weeks from now should all be loaded of this winter-holiday-December feeling. As this time of the year is for us and our family more of togetherness and doing some nice things. These particular holiday-days are not the final result in countdown to Christmas for us. So lets start this time by lighting up our days. For me that's how I want to decorate my home to celebrate the dark meeting the light. Following are some different ideas to think about when considering putting up the fairy lights. Read more. 

16 November 2015



I'm a comfort clothing fanatic. Not that I just jump into what's next in the drawer and an old t-shirt (though it happens early in the morning in the dark). I know that's comfortable after a day in the office. But as I'm working at home, I couldn't spent all days like that. I'm a too much fan of beautiful clothing to do that. Working from home for many years has shaped my wardrobe a lot, as I don't need "working" wear. My "working" wear is comfort clothing with some added details, something that might be more like a weekend wear for someone. That's why I'm always super happy finding some great combos of comfort/everyday wear. The photos I'm posting are some I've collected recently and are useful for my "working" wardrobe. Maybe for you too?

15 November 2015



Paris. Peace. Please.
Photo by Gunnar Sverrisson

12 November 2015



Furniture lay-out in your living room is important as we've talked about in last posts. It tells about the movement of the space, the movement through it. It's created by playing with scale, texture and proportion and one important thing; not to put all the furniture against the walls should be kept carefully in mind. Chosen colour palette is of course important too and it should always be a starting point in creating a space. These essentials in making your living room a stunning master piece in your mind for you and your family, are really worth thinking about when making changes at home, whether big or small, and moving houses. The photos following have all these aspects included. Think about the lay-out / scale / texture / proportion / colours when looking at them and notice how these factors works together. It should do it too in your living room. 

11 November 2015



The photos in my last post were I talked about living room lay-out showed quite big spaces. Now, lets think about some smaller ones, that's easier to relate to (although the big ones can easily give ideas for furniture alignment for smaller spaces too, you just minimise the space between the furniture instead of maximises it). In this post we also have some very nice ideas in my opinion. What both big and small spaces have in common when planning the room is that smaller furniture are truly needed to make the set up interesting. Stools, side tables, pouffes etc, to fill up and be able to arrange things in more unconventionally. Focus on the photos and try something new! Read more for more photos. 

10 November 2015



Look carefully at the image above. Notice the arrangement of the furniture. It's not this typical set up we're used to. More like two islands on the living room space with a walking path in between. As we've been talking about details in interior, now we shall think about the big pieces and how to arrange them unconventionally. The image is from Paola Navone's home, but the Italian interior designer is a master in arranging furniture...and a lot more in my opinion! 
The following photos below, also from her apartments, show this very clearly. The furniture are pieces of beautiful and interested design, put together in a personal mix that describes her character. Nothing is supposed to match, it's more a mix but in a whole everything speaks together. Though her look might not be your style, that's not what I'm trying to "sell" you. What I'm talking about is that you can try at home to look at these images and arrange your living area in a similar way with a great result. Find a chair that you've put in your tv-room and not used for long in the living room. See the beauty in a side table you haven't seen for years. Mix this all together and make a room of your own. Not the same as by the neighbour next door. Read more to see the lay out ideas. 

07 November 2015



Good reading on a Sunday. Eight equally interesting homes, all with it's own charm. Different in style and overall look. In various countries possible to relate to in the mood. Read more to see all the homes for you to look at and read about this Sunday. 

05 November 2015



Details in dressing are a must like the details I talked about in interior. It's how you present yourself, see yourself, play with yourself. You go basic at first, then add layers and details. Though the details may be found in the design of a basic piece of clothing or in the layering. The details can pop up in various ways, be almost invisible or very much a statement. Like these photos following show us and give some glimpses details to study and steal. Read more for the photos.

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