29 October 2014



I decided to write more posts about colours because...that's what people are asking me about. People are curious about colours. They often want to brake the boundaries and make some dramatic changes at home but never go all the way. By "all the way" I mean really take the step to do the changes that overturn the mood and vibe in a room with colours. The lovely images following are examples from real homes shot by the great photographer Jonas Ingerstedt. Notice the use of colours and how the colourful walls or pieces of furniture are statements in the rooms. Also that the main colour is not white, more soft grey hue, and how the lighter and darker tones intertwine perfectly. The photos where shot for Alcro in Sweden, which is a paint manufacturer. 

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28 October 2014



I know, amazing shot – the room over all, the blue colour, the timber floor, the shelves. I saw it pinned on Pinterest by Anna Mårselius and had to do some more research. It's shot by the Italian photographer Beppe Brancato and when I visited his home page I found some more stunning images he has shot for magazines and various clients. I picked some I really like and enjoy looking at.

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23 October 2014



Since we posted some photos of the Home and Delicious apartments we are working on, many people have contacted us and asked about the paint we are using and the special colours we chose on the walls. The paint is Jotun and the type named Lady. We can highly recommend the paint. We've been using it for over two years now and it is the most beautiful we've seen. 
It surely matters what type of paint you use, the quality of paint differ. You can see it in the deep undertones when looking closely and the matte finish of the Lady is intriguing. As we are using dark tones in grey and blue you can see and recognise at once the amazing soft finish. Like you want to touch the walls...but that's a no no! 
Jotun's catalogues are very well made and their designers and colour specialist are super. You can find the catalogues online (and here by one click) and get inspired. Following are many photos from Jotun I think show their greatness in making colour palettes and tones that everybody should try to let paint make some difference! Read more down below to see the photos.

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21 October 2014



…Ikea Senior Casserole. We highly recommend that casserole as we've used it to pieces for over a year. We have it in blue but I love it in this light colored tone and wouldn't mind having more pieces in the collection. We like to slow cook in it and it's easy to use it in the oven or on the stove. 

20 October 2014



Plaid coats – what's not to love? I really, really like and love these two coats. My opinion about outerwear in plaid and color block is that it makes the outfit when you're dressed in a simple way and your style is plain and not super colorful. Alexa Chung is in Tommy Hilfiger and the other one I would be curious to know more of.



It's a winter brake in schools in Reykjavík these days. We headed north in our cottage to spend some time there as it has been too long since we were there due to the family moving. It can't be  more cozy as the first snow storm is blowing outside but still not as much as it was supposed to be. Inside we hear the wind blowing and candles have been lit, pancakes baked and now the stew is in the pot slow cooking. Probably we are preparing mentally for the winter as it's almost officially there (says the icelandic calendar) and we can't think of no better way than going to the country. Undeniably it's kind of christmassy and Kaja wanted some pepperkager to get the feeling. As we have a tiny bit of white snow, it's november soon and getting really dark – we will welcome the season till Christmas with all it's togetherness, fairy lights, holiday food and drink. More photos below if you click the Read more button.

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15 October 2014




As I've told you before, I always bookmark the homes and home visits I find interesting on my trip around the internet. And as I haven't posted as often as I wish recently (our house seems to need a lot of care and it needs our time like a baby) I decided to show you five homes this time I've bookmarked from some grate bloggers I always follow on Bloglovin (you'll find the source by clicking the photos). Then you'll have some more reading to do! I think all these homes are really inspiring in its own and different way and that you might find something nice for your own home to steal. Notice that by clicking the photos you'll see the whole home visit. You can also click the number.

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