24 April 2012

black white

I would like to post some new images I´ve taken lately. Images from the northern part of the country, around Eyjafjörður, at Goðafoss and at Vatnsnes in Húnavatnssýsla. –And I use the old technology; a film and the image printed on a paper in a darkroom! Someone might think this is old fashion and out of date. But I have to admit, that I´m back at starting point. As easy and important the digital technology is, I wanted start shooting on film again … and therefor making a darkroom for myself. In true sincerity, going back in time like this, reminds me of why I wanted and decided to be and work as a photographer. The exciteness of waiting to see the image appear on the paper. How it will turn out to be. See white, gray and black tones making a photograph. I was lucky when I shot these images. The light was perfect for me, my all time favorite – blurry and cloudy.

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