26 April 2012

caprese with a twist

This is what we had for lunch today. When we were in Barcelona last summer we had a delicious salad at a restaurant named Brown. It´s a Caprese with a twist, tomatoes and mosarella, with some additions that make it really fresh, simple and little bit more exotic. I tried to remember the combination and it´s close to it I think. As it´s a salad, there are no quantities in the recipie, it´s more for one to taste.
The salad can be a meal or a sidedish. You can add toasted pinenuts, balsamic glazed pecan nuts, cured ham, plums or peaches. It all goes wonderfully in the salad. If you feel like it, use cottage cheese instead of ricotta.

basil, chopped
coriander, cilantro, chopped
olive oil
salt and pepper to taste
tomatoes, sliced
mango, diced
mosarella, tear it down
ricotta or cottage cheese
balsamic vinegar

Mix ruccola, basil and koriander in a bowl, pour over some olive oil and taste with salt and pepper. Spread on a dish, put the tomatoes in between, the mango all over and the mosarella. Put a tablespoon or two of ricotta in the middle of the salat and pour over few drops of balsamico.

photos gunnar sverrisson
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