30 April 2012

to hang up pictures

The correct height of photographs and paintings on a wall are troublesome for many people and often they are hung too high on the wall.
 - rule of thumb -

Middle of the form should be at eye level for a normal person, about 165 cm from the floor. A little bit lower if the height of the ceiling to the floor is lower than usual. Images are usually better positioned lower than higher on the wall.

The same applies to the location of images when they are hung up, for example, above a table or a dining storage. Not hang them up too high on the wall.
  - rule of thumb -

Hang a picture 8-10 cm above the table, go up 2 to 3 cm if needed for decorative items.

Many pictures or paintings that are quite big look very well sitting lower on the wall, as shown in this picture. Here the middle of the form is at eye level when sitting on the bed and also at the same level as the head of the bead. People should try to hang up pictures in more unconventional way than usually done. It surprises and brings the focus point at a different level in a room.

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