17 May 2012

alignment of furniture and minotti

I really like to consider alignment of furniture and organization of a room. I think it´s exciting to be able to place the furniture in a different way than usual and see the outcome and how it can be surprising.
On Salone de Mobile in Milan this April, there wasn´t so much new to see according to many people, including two friends of mine. A short summary; use of color and texture and how to mix and match and experiment. 
What I noticed however when wandering through some images of the Minotti showroom, was their unusual alignment of furniture. Very untypical way of puzzling together beautiful furniture and with different texture.

Imagine the TV in front of the sofa. But then the sofa table is in front of the tv and a big pouf beside it. The armchair placed diagonally opposed to the sofa and a small table beside it. Not typical but great outcome. 

Aside the sofa is an armchair but two others standing in front of the sofa. Notice the location of the two armchairs, not straight in from of the sofa, quite a lot to the right. 

Freestanding sofa and a console table behind the couch. A sofa table, lower than the console is placed beside the sofa and slips under the console. 

Two armchairs in front of a sofa, quite far away and a good space between them. Two small and different coffee tables or poufs used between them. Big pouf in the middle of the space, a sofa table in front. Notice the sideboard, not standing up against a wall but a window! A little space in between. That´s a good idea in an open space as furniture are often as beautiful at the back and therefor no reason  not to do it. Nice and interesting accessories can be placed on top of it and creates great scenery from outside in. 

Armchairs diagonally placed to a sofa, coffee tables and poufs all around and a bench aside the sofa. Interesting use of colors, many colors match together. 

Big couch, armchair diagonally placed, pouf used as a coffee table. Notice the sofa tables that are placed in the corner and slips. 

Three sofas in a set, one leather. Two armchairs in front but in different colors. Big and low sofa table in the corner but a small coffee table in the opposite corner. 

For you with big bedrooms but the alignment can be used in a living room too. Console behind the sofa, coffee table beside it and slips under. Two different armchairs placed in the set aside the sofa but quite far away, poufs and small coffee tables. Three together in a group. 
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