30 May 2012

salad with fried mosarella

photo gs

In many tasty recipes there are often the Cypriot haloumi-cheese used and then fried with golden finish. In Iceland I have never seen haloumi and I´ve always wondered what cheese could be used instead. I decided to fry one kind of mozzarella we have that is pretty resilient but covered it in egg and breadcrumbs before. It went quite well and the salad was pretty good and I can highly recommend it. Therefor I post it on home and delicious for you to try.

mozzarella, sliced
cover the cheese in egg and breadcrumbs, fry the cheese on a pan in olive oil until the crust is golden

best olive oil
best mustard
balsamic vinegar
caper berries
stir all together, not ruccola, and pour half of it over the salad and stir

fennel, sliced and boiled for few minutes
bacon or pancetta, fried
egg, boiled, not too much, then tear it down with your hands
breadcrumbs, stale bread, diced and fried in olive oil until golden 
tomatos, sliced
avocado, sliced
parmesan to drizzle over

arrange all the ingredients nicely on a plate, pour the salad dressing all over and drizzle with parmesan
enjoy – it´s great ... with a glass of white wine! 
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