20 May 2012

Tjöruhúsið – simply delicious

As we were in Ísafjörður last night we went to the wonderful restaurant Tjöruhúsið … one of our favorite in Iceland. Or we went specially to Ísafjörður to go there! The food, true to itself. Buffet covered in pans full of deliciously cooked fish of every kind. The soup – truly enough as a meal, ridiculously good but then 6, 7, 8 kind of different kind of cooked fish; baccalao with raisons ad pinenuts, wolffish with cheese, grapes, capers and cocktail onions, panfriend trout perfectly done and so on and so on.
The environment is all in it to make the restaurant fun and interesting. At the harbour in Ísafjörður. In that old house. Rustical and rough. It´s probably the easiest way out to describe it as a great tapas bar in Spain.
Asked for the magic behind the greatest food, the cooks at Tjöruhúsið say; perfect ingredients and feelings for what you´re doing, here cooking. So true and can be applied to many things. 

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