03 May 2012

the whisks

Years ago we founded and edited a magazine called Lifun. I was wandering through some old issues when I found this article I always like as it is very useful. There we explored the home of everything to stir with, the whisks, as it comes in various sizes and forms! Lets find out:

Upper row, from left:
1. Flat whisk, when you need to stir in flat dishes, bowls and pans, like when making sauces. 
2. Good old whisk, for pots when making sauces. 
3. Small whisk, for smaller bowls and pots. 
4. Mini whisk, good for the coffee cup.
5. Small whisk for pots and jars, as it goes well to the edges.
6. Pot whisk, goes well to the edges of the pot. 

Lower row, from left:
1. Balloon whisk, incorporates air like for egg whites and cream. 
2. Classic whisk, great for pancake mix, heavy dough, and when removing lumps. 
3. One for all, a classic and a comprehensive one. 
4. Spring whisk, for high and narrow containers, like for making cocktails.

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