12 June 2012

bacon and ruccola pesto

It doesn´t have to cost much effort to cook a light meal for lunch. Working from home means you  usually eat at home and most of the time I´m quite hungry while working and in urge for lunch. Yesterday I made this pasta pesto but it´s a recipe I made first many years ago and hand´t done for quite a while. As I had all I needed in the fridge to make it, and some ruccola in need to be eaten, I put everything in the blender ... and 10 sec later, ready. Please try it and then not just only for lunch:  

3-4 tbs best olive oil
3-4 dl ruccola
5 slices fried bacon
3 tbs pine nuts
2 tbs capers, your choice
3 tbs parmesan
salt and pepper, to taste

Put everything in the blender until the pesto is smooth. If too thick add more oil. Recipie for 3-4 persons, not a bad idea to do some more and have in the fridge to grab. 

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