20 June 2012

the entrance - not out of sight!

The entrance is often an underestimated room in the house. It´s the room that we first see at our house when we get home. The first appearance for our guest to see of our home. Tells them what to expect when they enter the living area. We should put more effort in the entrance when making our home nice and attractive. It´s often left out because it´s small and narrow, packed with clothes and shoes. But it´s worth trying. Here are some picks you can easily get inspiration from, realistic and simple to make. 

Wall painted in dark color, photo-collage, small console and a light. You don´t need anything more.

A wall as a chalk board. Not just the wall, but the door and everything. Good idea, simple to make, different and fun. 

When the entrance leads the way to a bigger area it´s a useful idea to have a bench for seating and partly as a table. Decorate with quite big accessories to make the greatest impact when seen from away.  A rug is slipped under the bench for shoes but also as a part of decoration. 

Wallpaper and photos in a very small space. Consoles are useful in entrance halls, great to slip under some baskets. Mirrors reflects, are bright and decorative. Flowers never hurts! 

When the entrance is open into an one big open space there is one idea that is never used enough to divide the space. Using curtains like above. Great idea and also cool. 

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