31 July 2012

a home – Ilse Crawford

When working in design and believing that design can influence the way we feel and behave, live and work means a deep understanding and emotional skills in the working field. Transforming a classic townhouse built in 1910 into a hotel that feels like a tranquil home away from home is a challenge and a delicate process done by the British designer Ilse Crawford and her team at Studio Ilse. The hotel Ett Hem, located in Stockholm Sweden, is designed to be a home of comfortable, simple luxury as told on Sudio Ilse´s home page. When wandering through the images, although you´ve seen some of them before, you can feel the wholeness in the designing – the overall thinking and philosophy that so strongly shines in Ilse Crawford´s work. The use of furniture, colors and accessories has a meaning in a very delicate combination where rules are meant to be broken to create a humanly atmosphere. A frame for life. Images via Ett Hem and Nordic Design

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