30 July 2012

colors and patterns in Brisbane Australia

I like it when an image has that impact on you that you stop and become curious of its story. These images did that as they are colorful and show so nicely how patterns can be mixed and colors used. They are from the company Porter´s Paints and the interior designer Anna Spiro designed the wallpaper and patterns. Anna is from Australia, living in Brisbane and owns there a popular boutique Black and Spiro. She also runs the blog Absolutely Beautiful Things. So many people feel that it´s impossible to mix colors and patterns but these images tell all of them the opposite. Photos and art on wallpaper; interesting and lively – bedroom where patterned textile leans against the wallpaper; personal surroundings.  

Down below there are images of Anna Spiro´s home in Brisbane that were featured two years ago in the Canadian House and Home. 

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