19 July 2012

sweets for the ending

The other night, me and Gunnar invited our contributors to dinner at our house. Of course I wanted something sweet to close a great dinner and this pavlova on the picture was chosen for that. I decided to post the recipe, or more to say the idea of the combination as it is a mix of some great recipes. 

White sponge – the recipe from home and delicious (almond cake, page 138) but I skipped the almond extract. This is a fail proof recipe I got from a great lady in the town of Hverager├░i, whom is a specialist in Italian cooking. The sponge is under the pavlova, drip some berry sauce (from the pavlova recipe) over it and put some cream over. Then the pavlova.

Pavlova – I really wanted to try the recipe from my favorite Barefoot Contessa (Ina Garten). Everything I have baked and cooked from her recipes is fail proof and forever favorite. Here is the link to the recipe. 

Our guests loved the cake so I really wanted you to have the change to try it. ENJOY!

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