22 August 2012

blue all over

When I saw the pic below at Victoria´s blog, I had the urge to search my images I´ve been collecting over the years. Blue rooms have always got my attention and I´ve been super attracted to them. As Victoria says: blue is classy and sophisticated but also soothing. Blue tones, all the way from sea blue to grey eggshell blue, dark navy to baby blue. All these color tones can be so gorgeous on walls and make a great statement for a room. Think about not only using blue on just one wall. Consider it for ... the whole room, part of a wall, the ceiling. Blue feels good when close to timber on floors and in furniture, as a cover color for art and photo walls, close to white, darker color tones in grey or black and as a shell where fabric and textile are rich in furniture, whether velvet, linen or everything in between. Your feeling of blue is the perfect color to think seriously about for the winter if in speculation of giving a room an overhaul. 

Photos: 1, 3, 5, 8, 9, 10 unknown 2.  sfgirlbybay 4. Day Home by Ditte Isager 6. Petra Bindel 7. The Rug Company 11. French By Design

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