13 August 2012

colors of autumn and winter – by Day

Seasonal collections for the home are related to colors, texture, textile and overall mood. These collections should not be thought of as fashion for the home, just to be used this winter. More like some styling ideas and tips you can get inspiration from when dressing your home for the coming season. Something that might suit your home and style in colors and texture and be a nice addition to it. Something that´s now more than something new. 
The Danish company Day just presented their Day Home for 2012 autumn and winter. As usual it´s all about the mood, atmosphere, feeling etc. Colors are in blue, brown, rustic tones and various pink and they mix silver wares and gold, different furniture – meaning their Home is for mixing and matching. It´s an encouragement for people to go their own way in home styling ... and telling them that some Day might be a great mix!

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