16 August 2012

displays to study!

I often talk about personal style – that feeling of home describing the people living there. There are so many things interconnecting when being personal at home and one of them are how things you love and like are displayed. So many ideas can be put forward in this context but very useful hints are...
–not being too careful when putting objects together.
–surprise yourself, be quirky and show quirkiness; it´s homey and humanises and shows others that you´re not too serious about yourself and easygoing.
–static environment is not fun at all. Home is as a very lively forum and changes, flow and moving things around is part of decoration and welcomes.
–the unexpected and quirky is more attitude then buying or finding the right things to display.

Many of you have seen images of Thomas O´Brien´s home and summerhouse. O´Brien is an American designer who´s displays are super interesting. Although seen these images quite often I encourage you to look at them more closely and observe every object and how he puts it forward in a delicate but very informal way. He´s a collector how likes to put his things on show and having them all around. You might not be as much into the "more is more" feeling, but not so you can learn a lot by studying all the different things he uses together and many of them most people doesn´t feel as things to show at all! Loose and imperfect, very visual and you feel it as extension of himself. That you can do for yourself.

Photos of Thomas O´Brians home by Apartment Therapy / House and Home / Home and Garden and from his book American Modern, photographed by Laura Resen
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