12 August 2012

don´t forget the children

I was searching my photo stock yesterday in looking for some nice images of children's rooms. Then I realized I had never posted children's rooms. That´s strange as I´m deeply concerned about children's spaces, their environment, what suits their age and first and foremost rooms that becomes a part of the home. 
I had chosen these images for myself and thought it would be nice to post them for the reasons that:

–I really like children's rooms in gray; grey is a calming and deep color and suits these rooms well as it dampen the bright colors in children´s toys.

–pillows in all sizes on the floor were it´s possible, cozy place for rest and play.

–in big and spacious rooms is an opportunity for different alignment of furniture, not to put everything by the walls, more to create nice islands to use for different doings.

–beautiful hangers and hooks and plenty of them are great way of displaying memories.  

photo 1 – design Ilse Crawford / others unknown

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