08 August 2012

growing interests in greenery

Well, we took a short blog break during this weekend and are back with this post about growing interests in greenery! Why not trying to add some potted plants into your home? Make it a little bit greener? With potted plants you can elongate the feeling of summer in your mind and soul, specially where the summer is not very long, like here in Iceland and northern part of Europe. Years back people used potted plants all over their place, in every window sill, and it took a while watering them. When the years went by, the same happened to most of the potted plants and they almost disappeared completely in every home due to sharp changes in home-styling when the minimalism had great impact. But from now on, the potted plants can really make changes in spaces that need some more warmth, or coziness or some interesting focus point what so ever. 

In a great set-up and minimalistic implementation big plants appear like a sculpture. Green against the white and faded color palette make the difference. 

Growing interests in greenery appears in images styled by great interior stylists. They use potted plants as a part of the set-up to add the nature into it, the warmth, and to show people how simple it is is to use them in an interesting way. The camera loves it.

Crowded kitchen windows with small plants and objects always have a charm but using big potted plants in a white and minimalistic kitchen really looks perfect! The X-factor many kitchens might need. 

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