28 August 2012

so small but so much to see

The US Magazine Country Living presented their building project 2012 House of the Year "Room to Spare" in May. In front of New York´s World Financial Centre three micro-cottages were built and displayed. Then styled by the editors of Country Living and in conjunction with guest designers and experts. See how they turned out: 

One of the cottages was designed as a kitchen. The layout was spare, reclaimed barnwood cladded on walls to warm things up, styled with character and folksy charm. Notice how they use lower units but just around the fridge the cabinetry and shelving system is very well done and designed. Great idea for many to think of for their kitchen. The same goes for the light bulbs. Almost invisible but elegant. 

The second cottage was a home office. Thought of as a working space for husband and wife to work all day long in a creative and artfully organized and thought provoking environment. Great colour palette. Notice the dark gray and brown color on the walls and the light and minty color on the ceiling. Beautiful together. The color walls exaggerates in a positive way all the colors in furniture and other objects. The bathroom is also worth looking; for all the people who like drawing – new wallpaper whenever you feel inspired. 

The third cottage was set up as a guest house. Inviting, cottage feeling, camping inspired for guests so they´re not living in a suitcase. Cozy color palette and lot of textile and texture. Notice that the palette is vice versa in the bathroom. 

All images via Country Living

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