09 August 2012

your home should feel like you

I feel like in Sweden the artistic job of being a stylist is highly valued. Many of them are very well known and their work appreciated in magazines and for great companies. Their design, conceptual work, ideas and knowledge are sought after. For me it´s a very positive thing as the designer of a great good is maybe and probably not the right person in making it a sellable thing or creating the environment that makes the product shine! Thinking about IKEA and their use of stylist through the years makes you wander of their impact in Swedish stylists fondness. No doubt. 
One of the great stylist that has worked for IKEA over the years and done a great job is Hans Blomquist. Recently he created the amazing book The Natural Home, which images has been on blogs and websites for their beauties. The book is like a portfolio of his work and style he stands for and explores his love of nature and display; mixing things, colors, vintage, texture and textile. Searching his images, one can see and feel that his work is his hobby and life all over. 

Hans Blomquist has directed campaigns for HM Home for example. His motto is that ...a home should feel like you and reflect your personality. That you can feel in his works as it never become superficial; more like true and normal in a positive way. Things used that many people can find in their home, he encourages people to treasure possessions and not throw so much away as it´s easy to make simple updates and still feeling you have something new. 

Many of the images down below show Blomquist´s work for IKEA. I encourage you to look at them deeply and notice the alignment of furniture, accessories and multifunctional things. That way you can get great ideas for your home, believe me. Blomquist says in an interesting interview with him I read that the easiest way to update a space is to move things around. Rearrange rooms and swap pieces of furniture from room to room. Then you get totally different and new look. That´s so true! Enjoy these beautiful images. 

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