06 September 2012

chalking and doodling

I think it's time to talk about blackboards. As the schools have just started again it reminds us of old school days but in a much more creative way. Blackboard at home is a great wall feature; fun idea, full of life and easy to do. Get some inspiration from these images to view just few of countless ideas when blackboard is included:

1. Entrance – the first thing you see when entering your home and the last when leaving. Let some inspirational quotes and words follow you. Appears as wallpaper when tightly written.

2. Different – for people ready for some graphic and boldness. 

3. Living room – it adds drama to a living room and is quite unusual to paint a black wall in a living room. Black is effective and maximises all objects and colors close to it. Then there is the choice of using the blackboard also for photos and collage.

4. Kitchen – probably the room where most blackboards are painted. Try not to paint just some black boxes, do something different; a whole wall, an empty corner or find some old blackboard from school nearby or do a flea market find. 

5. Home office – two fun ideas; paint inside the door of your home office or make a movable blackboard you just lean against the wall. That's a relaxing and informal way.

6. Bedroom – daring to be different. To make your bedroom different from most of the others; cool and creative (as many people tell they are most creative when lying horizontally in bed). Also quite "grandeur" as you can fill your bedroom with imaginable things by drawing them around you! 

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