04 October 2012

a great dinner for the weekend...

Bruschetta with salami and slow cooked tomatoes
Berries with mascarpone cream

A perfect idea for a great and relaxed dinner this weekend. Recipes from the first issue of Home and Delicious. A true favourite of us, the bruschetta and the tomatoes are heaven. Cook slowly and enjoy eating with family and friends. 

Bruschetta with salami and slow-cooked tomatoes

Sourdough bread
Olive oil

Olive oil
Salt and pepper
A pinch of sugar, to taste
Your favorite fresh herbs

Salt og pipar

First prepare the tomatoes. Preheat the oven to 120–150°C/250–300°F. The appropriate temperature will depend on how long you can allow the tomatoes to stay in the oven. It’s best to give them plenty of time at a low temperature, up to four hours of slow cooking.
Halve the tomatoes and lay them in an oven-safe dish. Drizzle them with olive oil, salt and pepper, and sprinkle with a pinch of sugar. Chop the herbs and sprinkle them over the tomatoes. Place the dish in the oven. Take care to check on it regularly, as the herbs burn easily if the oven is too hot. The tomatoes release delicious juices, which can be poured over any leftover tomatoes to enhance their flavor.
Slice the sourdough bread. Of course the bruschetta can be made from a different kind of bread, a simple french baguette, for instance, but sourdough gives it a particular depth of flavor. Place under a grill, in a hot oven, or on a grill pan. Do not let the bread become too hard! After toasting, rub the bread with a clove of garlic and drizzle it with some olive oil.
Lay a slice of bread on a plate, top with some salad, lay a slice of salami on top, then cheese, tomatoes, and grated parmesan. Note that almost any cheese goes well with this recipe. Here I have used an Italian taleggio, but brie or blue cheese are equally good options.

Berries with mascarpone cream

Berries and fruits of your own choosing
2 ½ dl mascarpone cheese at room temperature
2 Tbsp honey
½ tsp vanilla extract
4 Tbsp whipped cream
melted chocolate

Chop the fruits and berries into bowls. Beat the mascarpone with the honey and vanilla until the mixture is light and smooth. Carefully add the whipped cream and stir to combine. Drizzle chocolate over the fruit in the bowls, top with the mascarpone cream, and serve. Decorate to taste.

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