02 October 2012


The truth is I love photography – great photos of all kind. They inspire me deeply. Working in that field suits me well therefor. But sharing them is a big part of it all. When wandering through magazines and images like on Pinterest, I see a lot of things that I really like and love but might not see my home dressed in. But in the October issue of Elle Decoration UK I stopped when I came across the home visit  you see here. It truly caught me. 
But why? First of all is the overall grayscale shell. Shades of gray have always been following me. Gray base for me is like white base for others. It also got my eye that the ceilings are gray too, I think is a grate option in bright spaces with big windows. All the fittings are painted in the wall color. Blue palette is used in textile opposite the gray tones. The floors are lovely and the furniture too. And one important thing is that the apartment is in Milano, where we lived for a while and really love.
Many of you might feel it's like a cave! But when all things are put together; ummm... for me it's really interesting an yummy, I wouldn't mind living there. Now it's time to start painting in dark gray hues! 

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