30 October 2012

home visit no2 – now it's danmark

I have Tuesdays as home visit days on the blog. Think Tuesdays are that kind of days we really need something nice to see. Therefor I decided to post another beautiful home for you today to enjoy, as this Tuesday has been quite harsh weather wise and it's getting started to be really really cold and not very nice at all outside. So we are now in Hellerup Danmark, at Hanne Berzants home. She's the woman behind the Danish design brand By Nord, that represent strongly the new wave in Scandinavian design; white shell, with strong black forms and accent, natural motives, classic design in combination with "non-design" things from flea markets, modern design with a flair seen in a kind of minimalism and simple vignettes. Really beautiful home to light up the day with all it's whiteness and brightness

Photos: Femina

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