12 November 2012

Brad Pitt and his furniture

The actor Brad Pitt is well known for his passion for architecture and design. Now he has designed and debuted his own furniture collection in collaboration with furniture maker Frank Pollaro who's company is noted for it's high quality reproductions of Art Deco furnishings. Read more on Remodelista.

Photos: Remodelista


  1. Hello, although I like Brad as an actor as well his style, I personally didn't find his furniture designs interesting. No hard feelings, but they aren't that great. :(
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  2. What kind of furniture do you like? Don't say "they aren't that great" because after all not liking his designs is just your personal taste. I like them, although I'm not fond of him and his style usually, I really do like his designs and I'm a designer as well.


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