14 December 2012

home for the holidays – and dress up

How fun it is to think about clothes and put together a dress for the party. Despite that, there is one thing I think you should not forget and I feel is really the main thing – to put together a nice and cozy homey dress! I must admit that I spend an awful lot of hours in such clothes as I work at home and I’m almost always at home. That’s why I’ve made ​​up interest to put together such comfortable clothes in a way I'm fairly pleased with myself during the day. I keep images on the computer of such combinations and have accumulated quite a bit of them that I'm just showing you here.
When it comes to christmas, there is always excitement for the party dress this and that. For me, I find it much more fun to put together a cool dress to wear at home, I know that I feel great in but is still fairly smart. In this post I made a collage of images I think show some perfect combinations. It’s so easy to just go pajamas-style at home, it’s cozy but maybe you want to dress up a bit more. If you’re in this same situation as I am, you will appreciate these ideas and feel super great during the holidays.

Photos: 2-4-5-8-9-10-13-14 / 7 / 12 / 1-3-6-11


  1. Where is image 1 from (dark hair, olive green blazer)? I want to buy everything in that picture!

    1. I love it too - it's jcrew since december last year!
      so lovely...


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