30 June 2012

raw & beautiful

It´s sunny and beautiful weather here in Iceland. Bright nights. Where green becomes greener during the night as in these pics. Raw surroundings in almost colorless environment exaggerates plants and the beauty of them in green. Like a landscape. Picks from the Swedish Ikea Livet Hemma

28 June 2012

great mix in new york

On the website of American Vogue there are regularly published interesting home features. The latest one is the home of Kyle DeWoody in New York. It´s a great combination of furniture and accessories, works of art, covered walls and coziness. Look at the pics and get some ideas. 

26 June 2012

today´s image

Preparing for a photo shoot. 
Cooking and lots of lemons needed. 
Who does´t like yellow? 

25 June 2012

happy lunch

It does´t need to be more complicated or bigger than this to make you happy at lunch time. A great sour dough loaf, tomatoes, mozzarella, olive oil, salt and pepper. Happy meal and beautiful too!

23 June 2012

Cooking in the country

What a beautiful picture.
She really has a lot to do cooking and serving.

Hello Kitty promise

Our little one had wished for a Hello Kitty cake this weekend! So why not – it does´t take long to bake a chocolate cake and try your best to cut out a kitty. At least it tasted good in the super amazing weather  we had today.

21 June 2012

indigo denim on the walls

Sound strange but maybe not so when the images are viewed. They´re from the homepage of Ralph Lauren Home, which has such a nice pics there. Ralph Lauren and his wife are family oriented and therefor no surprising that their company are focusing on a beautiful home line. One part of the line is the paint and all things related to colors and techniques. The Indigo denim flair is said to represent easy living and being a distinctive backdrop for your home. On the page you can find videos showing you the right technique and tools to use your paint in interesting way. So why not denim flair on the walls. Take a look! 

20 June 2012

the entrance - not out of sight!

The entrance is often an underestimated room in the house. It´s the room that we first see at our house when we get home. The first appearance for our guest to see of our home. Tells them what to expect when they enter the living area. We should put more effort in the entrance when making our home nice and attractive. It´s often left out because it´s small and narrow, packed with clothes and shoes. But it´s worth trying. Here are some picks you can easily get inspiration from, realistic and simple to make. 

Wall painted in dark color, photo-collage, small console and a light. You don´t need anything more.

A wall as a chalk board. Not just the wall, but the door and everything. Good idea, simple to make, different and fun. 

When the entrance leads the way to a bigger area it´s a useful idea to have a bench for seating and partly as a table. Decorate with quite big accessories to make the greatest impact when seen from away.  A rug is slipped under the bench for shoes but also as a part of decoration. 

Wallpaper and photos in a very small space. Consoles are useful in entrance halls, great to slip under some baskets. Mirrors reflects, are bright and decorative. Flowers never hurts! 

When the entrance is open into an one big open space there is one idea that is never used enough to divide the space. Using curtains like above. Great idea and also cool. 

myndir: 1 / 2-3  / 4 / 5

use of colors to learn from

These images are a short lesson in the use of color and not to be afraid of using them. Light color palette, kind of pastel toned, is used and the colors there from visible in one item in a room without being dominant. 

The base is light and white, colors only used on the sofa table, kitchen chairs, bedside table and the garden chairs. All painted in the colors of the palette. 

I think these images show how easy it really is to change and improve things you already have; to create a definite and specific framework without too much effort and too much money spending. 

16 June 2012

log cottage in danish simplicity

I feel the urge to post this summer home which was published in the Danish magazine Femina. I feel as it moves the log houses and cottages into higher hights! It shows how different, interesting and cosy they can be without being styled in the dark and more heavy way as usual. The Scandinavian environment is light and airy and the logs are on show and washed in white. The house is as nice on the outside, in black and the roof is turfed.

14 June 2012

home made garden furniture

I know that there are many of you out there that are interested in making their own furniture and stuff and really can. When like that, it´s so much fun making their own things to have at your home or in the cottage. Here are some images of garden furniture that can easily be done by yourself. I´m always really interested in design that can be called non-design. Things that just really are without not trying too hard or idea too much thought of. It creates the perfect match and personal environment.

images via 1,3 / 2 / 4 / 5

13 June 2012

todays words

Had to post it – deep meaning and so amazingly true. From the blog french by design.

12 June 2012

bacon and ruccola pesto

It doesn´t have to cost much effort to cook a light meal for lunch. Working from home means you  usually eat at home and most of the time I´m quite hungry while working and in urge for lunch. Yesterday I made this pasta pesto but it´s a recipe I made first many years ago and hand´t done for quite a while. As I had all I needed in the fridge to make it, and some ruccola in need to be eaten, I put everything in the blender ... and 10 sec later, ready. Please try it and then not just only for lunch:  

3-4 tbs best olive oil
3-4 dl ruccola
5 slices fried bacon
3 tbs pine nuts
2 tbs capers, your choice
3 tbs parmesan
salt and pepper, to taste

Put everything in the blender until the pesto is smooth. If too thick add more oil. Recipie for 3-4 persons, not a bad idea to do some more and have in the fridge to grab. 

10 June 2012

09 June 2012

brunch that never fails

The best brunch, most comfortable and easy to make is: 

bagels or rye bread
smoked trout
scrambled eggs
cream cheese
horse radish sauce
pan fried mushrooms

Cream cheese on the bagel. Then trout and eggs. Horse radish sauce drippled over. Capers, mushrooms, avocado, strawberries. Always great and good meal. 

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