16 January 2013

10 hallways – some useful ideas


Hallways can be quite difficult spaces to decorate and bring some live to. They are often let alone although passageways to bathrooms and bedrooms. Tight and dark they seem to be difficult to get as an interesting place to look at and walk by. I've choosen ten images of thoughtfully decorated hallways, impressive ones with great impacts.

1. The best and easiest way to bring a hallway to live is to use the space to create a wall for 
photos and art. It's comforting for family members and guests get curious. 

2. No nails just tape up good memories. Easy to change and rearrange. 

3. An image from Home and Delicious. Kim at Desire to inspire chose it as one of the best 
hallways seen in 2012 and so do I. The see-through stairs add light and the 
wonderfully painted floorboards are idea not used enough I think.

4. Inspiring idea and easy to execute. Notice the strong impact of the painted ceiling. 

5. Another great idea using just some painting. The coloured facet is the 
space used to decorate. 

6. Oh, so easy. Just your favourite tape.

7. Lively hallway big enough for furniture. Notice the pendants and how great they look and also the wall lamp, almost as designed for such a space. 

8. A small table made of teak or mahogany adds a flair to a white on white space. The lamp is an useful object for hallways if possible to inject. It creates mood much cosier than overhead lights. 

9. Simple and elegant. The space seems much bigger as the 
cabinets are not standing on the floor.  

10. Picture ledge is a way to go for those who like to get some more flow in their 
picture and art settings. Also a great and easy way for all the little artists 
wanting to display their art works. 

Photos: 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10

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