09 January 2013

10 living rooms – distinctive elements

Living rooms with distinctive elements that make them worth looking closer. 
Great ideas for all of you considering doing some changes at home. 

1. Tiled wall, completely different and creates such a great texture and feeling.

2. Rugs, similar or different, puzzled together to create something unique on the floor. 
Patterned work of art!

3. Played with two sofa tables. Many variations. 

4. A big, round table in the living room for working or just displaying 
books or some favourite things.

5. A wall or walls painted in a colour not widely used, notice the double 
colour palette and the darker tone close to the floor.

6. So simple idea but so clever and good looking. Using two similar floor lamps 
on either side of the chairs. 

7. Different kind of fireplace, notice the height of it and the added texture of the timber. 

8. In desperate need of more storage space? 
Choose four Ikea cabinets, put them together and the problem is solved.

9. Embrace the simplicity where the shell is unique. 

10. Feel free and cozy and cuddle on the floor. Informal and inviting 
three sofa system makes an island to enjoy conversations and relaxing. 

Photos: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 6 / 7 / 10

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