16 January 2013

design classic: chair of the sunshine island

A true Icelandic design icon and award-winning classic of the 80s has been relaunced by Kusch+Co. It is the object chair Sóley by the architect Valdimar Harðarson. “True works of art have one primary function: to delight the senses,” said by Kusch+Co. “Many people use them to enhance a room. Not only with pictures or sculptures. Items of furniture are just as desirable, their uniqueness making them objects in an object.”
The chair is named by Valdimar’s daughter (a friend of me and Gunnar…) and is literally translated “The sunshine island”. It matches the design of the chair which is round as the sun and corresponds with the sickleshaped backrest. It’s also the name of the little, yellow flower growing all around Iceland.
Sóley is as lovely as it is environmentally friendly as 97% the materials used for Sóley can be separated and recycled. The steel used for the leg frame is a recycling classic, and after being melted down is returned time and again to the recycling circle. The wood for the seat comes from sustainable ecologically and legally managed forests. It fulfils PEFC criteria. www.kusch.com

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