18 January 2013

fashion: the grey sweatshirt!

I'm sure not many fashion related people decades ago, could imagine that the grey sweatshirt used for sports, would become a fashion item later on. But today it surely is. Fashion houses have sweatshirts in their collection and dress it up and down, with sequins and leather, boyfriend jeans and coloured kakis. I've had many similar sweaters since I was a kid in various colours, and I remember specially a white one I had and used over shirts I buttoned up. Just what has been and is in these days. It all comes back and I totally like the free flowing attitude in fashion today where everything is "allowed". I would really love to have a grey one in my closet and used in all these ways I show you on the images following. 

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Collage 1
Sweatshirts net a porter

Collage 2
Sweatshirts Top Shop

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