31 January 2013

food: chicken salad in a hurry

Gunnar Sverrisson for Home and Delicious

The truth can be cold and harsh – like when you're not in the mood for cooking or don't want fast food of whatever kind! What to do? Well, we have a saviour recipe for that kind of situation, that happened to be used yesterday. You will feel happy and set when finished and hopefully remember the idea we put forward. Notice that it's more of an idea of food than a recipe as I feel no measurements needed. It's more what you love and like that rules. 

Chicken salad
with sun dried tomatoes, charbroiled peppers and mozzarella

Grilled or cooked chicken, in bite size pieces
Sun dried tomatoes, chopped (ready made)
Grilled peppers, chopped (ready made)
Fresh basil, chopped
Mozzarella, in bite size pieces
Extra virgin olive oil
Salt and pepper
Parmegiano cheese

Mix everything together except ruccola and parmegiano. Put ruccola on a plate, drizzle with oil if you feel so, the chicken salad goes on top and spread with some parmegiano. Eat and enjoy. 

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