21 January 2013

monday's mix – the week ahead

It was so true when the French designer Philippe Starck said: "My best office is my bed". When lying down, horizontal, for many of us it means stimulation for the brain and it starts creating thoughts and ideas. Like for me last night. Instantly I started thinking about what I should do for the Monday's mix this morning as I don't want it to be the same every week, I want to play with ideas and make something new within the concept. First of all I discovered that this Sunday yesterday was the first day of the week (aha) and it had already started pretty well. We were invited to our friends for some nice coffee and cakes and also to a great dinner party to other friends. Perfect start. So I thought; what more? I recognised that it was something similar to what the images follow show you, quite simple and I will be happy if I can put an X to it when the week is over. 

I wouldn't mind tulips to my home. 

I'm going to cook some pasta the recipe I have in my head. 
If delicious I will post it for you. Probably also bake some cupcakes 
for my little one as she has wished for.

I can spend too much time searching my favourite pages regarding fashion and style and I'm happy to have taken the decision to make such posts on the blog...
it makes the time worth spending!

The I'm gonna find something interesting to post on our page 
and I suppose the week will be ok! 

Photos: Britta Nickel

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