03 January 2013

overview 2012 – english version

Now it's the third day of the new year and time to see the most popular posts published in the English version of our blog. It's completely different from the Icelandic one! 

Sequins and simplicity:

I'm not that kind of glamour person that dresses up in sequins from head to toes. But I've always had some crush for it although never, that I recall, I've had a tiny bit of it in my wardrobe. But maybe I should do some changes as I've been quite into it for years now and specially since JCrew made the sequin trousers Jenna Lyons made famous. Read more plus images

Curtains as dividers:

Ten spaces were curtains are used as dividers. I feel like in many cases it's a brilliant idea but not an option or not even thought of by people. When in need of using the space 100%, divide an open space to create a cozy corner, get some intimacy or just get more out of textile it's an interesting choice to create an interesting space. Read more plus images.

Alignment of furniture and Minotti:

I really like to consider alignment of furniture and organization of a room. I think it´s exciting to be able to place the furniture in a different way than usual and see the outcome and how it can be surprising. Read more plus images

World of tartan and plaids:

Plaids and tartans will forever stand the test of time and fashion. It's always there although it varies in popularity. It's a true classic easily given a contemporary twist. Bold or low-key, vibrant or neutral. You can get the mood and atmosphere you desire. Read more plus images and also here.

Home no one in Norway:

The Norwegian magazine Bolig Pluss has an annual competition of the most beautiful home in Norway. The home that got the title is in Lilleström, the home of Monica and Even. I'm not sure how they choose this, but most likely it's got something with the owners sending in pictures of their homes and then the magazine's panel choose some of the best. Read more plus images

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