02 January 2013

overview 2012 – iceland

Then we meet again and in the year 2013. It's the second day of the year and I hope you've had a wonderful time so far during the Holidays. Today I decided to find out what posts have been most read by our followers since April when we started blogging. Besides that when we publish a new issue of Home and Delicious these were quite popular...in Iceland. Nota Bene – it's a big difference in posts popularity between the Icelandic and the English blog! Tomorrow I'll tell about the most popular post on our English version.

The delicious chocolate cake is one of the most read posts:

The pleasure of eating means so much more than just nourishing yourself. It connects people. The kitchen is a social place with daily rituals. The decision of todays dinner, grocery shopping, preparing and cooking with love – it all brings people together. To eat is to live but it should be other way around; we live to eat. Read more plus the recipe.

An essay about the home:

Your home is like an image of yourself and it has impeccable influences on your feelings and wellbeing. If you feel good and at ease at home, you know what suits you and your lifestyle. Some people want all their belongings at show, others not at all. Despite that the thought behind the home is always have the the same ... it is so much more than just a place to eat and sleep in. Read more.

Great dinner party:

Now is the time people start coming together more often and enjoy having some sweet moments. Something delicious never spoils when that happens but things don’t have to be formal to have a good time together. Following are simple recipes that combined are great dinner served. Read more plus the recipes. 

Stuffed chicken
 Salad with roasted pears and blue cheese
 White sponge cake with balsamic berries and cream

Spring in the country:

The spring arrives later in Vestur Húnavatnssýsla than in many parts of Iceland. On the other hand the autumn doesn´t visit as soon. However it rains less there than anywhere else in the country. Today it has been raining, at first straight down, than with the south wind. But the weather has been refreshing for a walk. Read more

Charming and interesting home:

This home is in Queenscliff Australia. The curiosity would drive me to the other side of the world, but probably to spend more time than a weekend down there. Too far from Iceland. But this amazing cottage is a home to Deb Kavaliunas who has been a true collector her whole life. Read more.

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