23 January 2013

style: glasses to see and be seen

Glasses are not only to see but also to be seen. If you use glasses it should be part of your style. Well chosen glasses are truly adding extra something to your outfit and making a statement - reflecting you and your choice of style. If possible I would love to have more than one or two. But glasses are too expensive here in Iceland for that to be possible. Some really nice images following from the great Garance Doré, Madewell and J.Crew and all over Tumblr. 

Collage: Glasses Madewell / girls with glasses Madewell and J.Crew / 
other images Tumblr.com
Photos: 1-4 Garance Doré on Pinterest, image 4 by Garance Doré  / The pursuit aestethic on Tumblr
79 ideas inspired me to try the collage, thanks!

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