27 February 2013

10 spaces – interesting shelvings ideas


Spaces with interesting and more often quite different than usual kind of shelvings. I've always been a true fan of shelvings and nice executed ideas of creating them unconventionally. The perfectly imperfect way of displaying and all the nice objects great shelves can carry for us. Seeing images of shelves I look at them and collect them and the ones I publish now are ten of the latest in my shelving collection! Get inspired.

This one on the first image is a hit - actually not a shelving, more tables turning into one.

The grey one I really like. I'm fond of ideas using cheap timber panels and plywood to make furniture and also then to paint them in the wall colour. 

Shelvings don't need to be symmetrical. 

True classic - the free standing wire shelving units. Multifunctional and I can't 
remember a room where mine have not been in use. 

And then this idea is something to use. Put a small shelving unit on top of 
a sideboard or drawing units. Voilá – unique interior. 

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