07 February 2013

being there ... or not

On Thursdays I sometimes post a place that would be nice spending some time in. Today I've got two places that got my interest and both could be categorised as ...being there or not! Both are more than special, cool and minimal interior but the former one is not for people afraid of height and the latter one not for people with claustrophobia! 

House 1

In Switzerland, Ludovic Orts traveled to a remote and abandoned town in the mountains and fell head over heals for it. He bought a house and a barn there and renovated and chose thereafter to give a second life to the rest of the abandoned hamlet, buying five other buildings. With plans to rehabilitate the town for weekend and holiday travellers and all mountain and nature lovers. 

House 2

In Spain, The Trufa looks suspiciously like a huge mound of earth, which took root among the pines in the garden. It literally melts into the landscape. With it, the architect Anton Garcia Abril has completed an ambitious project. He built a cave from scratch in which to live in, along the Costa da Morte, in which you can sleep in, take a shower and has a heating system beyond the amazing picturesque view. A spectacular building.

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