21 February 2013

design: andrea brugi

From his studio in the picturesque Tuscany region, Italian artisan, Andrea Brugi is making a name for himself with his stunning work, created in wood, following the characteristics advocated by the Slow Movement, which originated in Italy in the Eighties. Andrea´s studio, located on the outskirts of the medieval village of Montemeramo, is packed from floor to the rafters with centuries-old tree trunks, planks and reclaimed beams from an old church in the region. In the hands of Andrea, these massive tree trunks, from for example oak, chestnut and olive trees, go through a magical renaissance where they metamorph into rustic chairs, tables, coat hangers, benches, stools, salt dishes and cutting boards where each piece is completely unique, unlike any other. For days, cutting boards are lovingly left to marinate in nourishing bath of olive oil before they are ready for use in the kitchen of their new owners where their beauty evolves and grows the more they are actually used.
Andrea´s work has a naïve feel to it, the curves are organic, free-flowing and elegant far from being restricted by geometric shapes. Andrea himself has said that it´s not him shaping each piece, rather it´s what´s hidden in the wood that has the final say in the outcome. Andrea´s work is available through slowfashionhouse.com. His website is andreabrugi.com.


Photographer: Ditte Isager / stylist: Christine Rudolph

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