26 February 2013

design: eley kishomoto on designmarch

DesignMarch is Iceland’s most important annual design event. For four days, from the 14th of March, Reykjavik plays host to hundreds of openings, exhibitions, workshops and events, spreading across the city from the harbour to the lava fields surrounding it. Starting with a day of international Design Talks, the festival showcases the best local creative scene, ranging from architecture to fashion, fonts, furniture and food design. I was thrilled when I saw that the design team behind Eley Kishimoto, the couple Mark Eley and Wakako Kishimoto are among lecturers. They have worked together for over two decades and are known for working on the edge of the traditional fashion world, with their colourful clothing and accessories as completely unique pattern design. This is an event anyone interest in fashion and design should attend.

–Elín Hrund

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