19 February 2013

design: reuse and environmental protection

It’s interesting to see how many designers have begun considering environmental protection and recycling in their work as an important factor, now when overproduction of goods is all around the globe. It’s important for a designer to consider how the product is produced due to materials and if there are some possibilities to reuse any material that already exists. Fortunately people have started to recycle and to find some interesting and funny ways to reuse their old things, that otherwise would end up in the bin. Following are images showing some splendid DIY ideas and great design.

 –Elín Hrund

Old sweaters over bottles

An old sweater over a frame of an old pendant

Old leather belts used as floorboards / old chains as chandeliers / 
old pendants as a chandelier / old timber in furniture

Mechant Design / District Mill Works / Pinterest

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