28 February 2013

location: photographs

Gunnar Sverrisson

At home we have a wall of pictures Gunnar has shot during the years. I was standing in front of it yesterday and wandering about the set up and how many questions I get from people about how to display images and small art works. For one great image it can cause problems to find the right place. Then the idea occurred to me to take a photo by Gunnar and insert it in few different images, in different rooms and in different location. Hope you enjoy it.

It’s always an easy solution to lean an image up against the wall and therefor be a part of a display. 
In terms of that it turns out great to locate an image very low, close to the table line, around 5-10 cm.

Locate pictures rather low than high. It’s much more of an statement. 
For one medium format image or art work on a wall, it’s often assumed that 
the center of an image is around 165-170 cm high.

Where nothing stands up against one wall, furniture, and the wall is beautiful up and down, 
like in bedrooms, it can be a great set up to hang images very low. When sitting on the bed, 
the centre of the image can be in the height of your eyes.

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