11 February 2013

monday's mix – what; ride a bike!

Last night when I thought about the week ahead and this Monday, all these bikes where in front of me on some of my favourite sites on Tumblr. I thought; OK, lets ride a bike this morning. But the truth is that it sounds much more interesting in Icelandic. We have a saying "hjólum í þetta", which means ...lets just do it, but would be translated "lets ride it"! Doesn't sounds so good. But translation ...lets do it is probably the best one. This week in Iceland we have three special days on our calendar; today is bolludagur (everybody should enjoy the day by eating a lot of buns with cream and chocolate on top), tomorrow is sprengidagur (everybody should eat a lot of lentil soup with salt cured meat) and then on Wednesday is öskudagur ( a Danish tradition when children dress up in costumes and get a lot of sweets). So this week is tough in stuffing up your stomack, uff, and all related to the ancient Icelandic calendar Icelanders followed before. 

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