01 February 2013

style: the denim jacket

Hurray! Got such a great gift from my husband minutes ago – a denim jacket. Finally. Been wishing for a denim jacket and now a one from J.Crew is in my closet. I'm a true denim girl and I've always been. I had two actually, but I lost them both when moving countries. People knowing me think that's not ME loosing things like that, but it happened. So I've felt for years something missing in my closet but not anymore. 

Of course I've been imagining a lot of great compositions where the denim jacket is a must and collecting some I'm showing you here. The master in using denim jackets, and truly a master in many more, is Jenna Lyons at J.Crew. And then I find these denim jacket compositions in the last collage super cool and useful.

Photos: All over Pinterest and Google / J.Crew and Madewell

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