08 February 2013

the week beyond – inspiration

When working with photos all day long and being in love with many of them...there are always some I copy to my desktop for myself to use. These five are the one I got inspiration from this week that is nearly finished.

The one above because I collect great displays. I find this one truly interesting as I do it at my home and when seeing something similar I get some inspiration to change something a bit. The photos and the objects, I like it. 

Great mix; the two rugs put together and not so typical kitchen rugs, the vintage pendant, the wall light, the grey wall makes it outstanding and then the furniture.

I like when I see some images with unconventional alignment of furniture. Like the console above, which I happen to like a lot ( from Asplund), is perfect behind the sofa. When I saw it I felt I should move the smaller sofa in my living area and put some small table behind. Gotta do it today.

That particular image is always one of my favourite. The open shelving with the mix of cutlery is a love for me. I prefer open shelvings in my kitchen, basic shelves and tiled walls.

A romantic one. The free flowing kitchen, open shelving, no fittings, lamps, the textile instead of doors for the cupboards, the chairs...

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