26 March 2013

enjoying the sky, stars and the northern lights

The Northern lights have decorated the sky here in Iceland recently. When we spent the weekend in our cottage last weekend, the sky was totally breath taking. All you want to do when the northern lights are dancing in the sky, is being outside and watch them in their green slate move around the stars. That’s when I thought how wonderful it would be if our tiny cottage would be a little bit bigger.
Although you can have a cozy time in a small space, sometimes you think how nice it would be to have a little bit more room for everybody. If the house had an attic and roof top windows as from the brand VELUX®. Perfect space for cuddling up night and day. During day time the wonderful and natural light flows in, in the evening the stars and moon might show up. And what about the bright nights? From VELUX you might enjoy sunrise and sunset, precious landscape and scenery that make you feel at home. 

The house is only 32 square meters, with an open space living and dining area, two very small bedrooms and a bathroom. And believe me or not, we’ve been sleeping there eleven persons at the same time, though normally four to six persons. With such an attic the house would be like a castle for us, double in size, and with VELUX and the day light the space would become even bigger – as the outsides flows in and the inside and nature merge.
So what about being there in the dark, watching the sky and the stars in the northern part of Iceland, where no one is around, may be some horses living in the wild, everything totally still and in silence. To enjoy the northern lights that way trough VELUX would be ideal. 

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