11 March 2013

monday's mix – taming the mind!

Monday again. Wasn't sure what to post as we've been working on the next issue of Home and Delicious magazine, published tomorrow, and not been so much into thinking about something else. I started to think about were the inspiration comes from when working, how it develops and thought about doing some mood board post. I found a great mood board in my Pinterest mood board folder but then I started to scroll down Pinterest instead of keep on going with the mood boards. Then that happened: 

I scrolled down for quite a while on Pinterest but nothing interesting stopped me – 
until I laughed about these candles of sculls. 

Close by I saw this image of oven baked croissants and remembered that I have 
great recipes of some I've been wanted to make for a while and post on our site.

Then this girl in pink stopped me and reminded me of doing a style-post of pink 
as the spring comes closer.

Next on my way were these beans. Gunnar went to the grocery store yesterday and he felt like the store was empty. He didn't get anything he needed for the dinner. This time in Europe the fresh vegetable and fruits start to fill the stalls – but in Iceland we can't buy parsley! 

Another skull, as dark and funny as before.

Cats in a window – got me thinking of my girls that speak endlessly of pets. The younger one 
wants a puppy in a strap and a cat in a cage. Nice life for a pet! 

At last some wise Pinterest words (if following all of them, life would be close to perfect!). 
But actually I like to think these are true, specially for all of the people not 
afraid of following their hearts. 

Just few minutes on Pinterest and endless thoughts about all and noting at all 
slipped through my mind. I started to consider about the context. 
Some context in these thoughts? Nobbbbb. 
I think I need to clear my mind a bit before my next project. 
Taming the screw! 

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