04 March 2013

monday's mix

We decided to celebrate a little today and be happy, as yesterday the visitor number 200 thousand clicked to read Home and Delicious ... nota bene the icelandic version. We have an icelandic site and an english one on separate pages, for you – our dear readers, for your convenience. But if adding the english visitors, the number is a lot higher than 300 thousand. We can't be happier as we only started working on the Home and Delicious's concept in the end of April last year, started blogging and published the first issue of the web magazine in July. 

As everybody knows, it's a hard work if you follow your heart and take what 
you're doing all the way.

We always laugh about it, that being in this business is more based on us being romantic
 than anything else (not that kind of romance though, it was the only image I found!). 

With Home and Delicious we want to get to people interested in creating their personal surroundings, people who want to feel at their best when at home, eager to get to know interested people 
and how they create their habitat and people in love with enjoying good food. 

We will keep on going, taking one step at a time...

all with your help, our dear readers, whom we're so thankful spreading the word of 
Home and Delicious. 
Let's fly higher together...

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