06 March 2013

tea time – in february

Sorry – I know it's March already but I completely forgot to tell you about the tea of February from Tefélagið. I'm always as excited to get it and now it was a green tea, Sencha Yamato, from Uji Japan. It's rich in vitamins A, D, B, B1 and minerals. The taste is soft and it's suitable as a cup of it's own or with food. Geen tea is made of riped tea leaves and they are dried early in the process so is preserves well the vitamins and minerals. 

When drinking tea, you need a good cup where the leaves can float free in the water. Finnish Design House Magisso is renowned for quality design and new inventions. They recently introduced a tea cup which allows tea enthusiasts to experience their cup of tea in a new and different way. The cup which allows you to smell the leaves as you drink is designed by Laura Bougdanos and Vesa Jääskö and is suitable for tea leaves or tea bags. The concept is based on the idea to allow consumers to control in a simple way how strong or weak they want their brew. The cup is a great success and received the red dot award for design in 2011. I use it and can truly recommend it for tea-lovers. 

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