24 April 2013

10 spaces – kitchens and a focus point


Kitchens with an X-factor, a certain focus point that make them stand out somehow. The kitchen is supposed to be the heart of the home, therefor never too often talked about and it's never too often we get useful ideas for that space. I've chosen ten kitchens for their X-factor, they awake my interest:

1. Tiled wall, open shelves, free and informal space, concrete and the furniture perfectly mixed in the space. 
Nothing conventional.  

2. The Vipp kitchen looks stunning, but notice the dark walls surrounding it and the 
rawness in the floor. Great match. 

3. Light blue and marble. Gorgeous. Why are people so sceared of using light 
colours on conventional fittings? 

4. Mix and match. 

5. Black and this greyish tone that suits it so well. I feel the furniture makes it different, like it. 
So light and the vignette breaks it all up. 

6. White and tiled kitchen island. 

7. Unconventional form of the cabinets on the floor. I like how it creates the 
space for kitchen tools. 

8. Rough and dark. Notice the wall shelving and how low it is placed on the wall, 
plus the lamp in the corner. 

9. Black and simple. 

10. Old drawers unit as taylor made for this space. 

2 / 3 / 6 / 7 / 8 / 9 / 10

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